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The Odonto Magic Marcello La Fauci born 4 May 1990 in the city of Barcelona in the province of Messina; in February 1996 it moved to its present location in the city of Messina.


Our commitment is based on the needs of services, supplies, Imports, Exports, Repairs, Installations, Research, Transport and tips for our clients, providing them with a range of ""services in the dental"" characterized by a strong balance between ' high quality of these services, the products offered and the costs incurred. The high quality of service achieved, a strategic starting point in relation to all types of customers, has been authoritatively recognized both in Italy and abroad. That our offer exceeds all expectations and integrates with professional skills combined with the most excellent choices and solutions.

Close to the customer

  • Retail;
  • Wholesale;
  • The Odonto Magic based in Messina, Italy is present in providing various categories of deposits Dental, the Technical Repairers, of dentists and dental technicians. It does not care about the Odonto Magic about the 'size' of the customer because, for us the best customer is ... any customer. With the aim of ensuring a qualitative and homogeneous service to customers located all over the Italian territory and in neighboring European countries have set up a very fast connection to the best national and international couriers;


The products chosen by us and / or imported are those best suited to the demands and always the most suitable at the time. First of all the United States product Flexite, famous in the world and loosely defined 'Nylon' now required by all groups of patients as non-invasive, hypoallergenic and with so many other unique peculiarity. Even the IBS machine New integrates with Spanish patent for the perfect workmanship of Flexite, is among the items most in demand. We also deal, for the full assistance even merchandise of dentists, dental technicians and dental deposits of laboratories, all consumable materials, machines and equipment, carefully chosen in order to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Technical and Repair - Consulting services

Support is specialized in dentistry to dental (micromotors, turbines, radiographic, steam generators, ceramic furnaces, preheating furnaces, etc.). Installation of machines, equipment, meeting new and / or also used to supply others. Repairs of machinery and equipment also of foreign brands or brands that no longer exist. technical advice on the implementation of dental practices and dental laboratories.

Extra services

For customers 'geographically closer', we also offer the services of

  • prompt delivery with express-delivery bike for a real immediacy (MOTOTAXI GROUP - Via Argentieri, 19-98122 Messina tel.0905731796 / Cell. 3478593054 - www.mototaxigroup.it);
  • Secure garage, and comfortable right in the floor beneath our offices (GARAGE BONGIORNO - Via Trieste, 2-98123 Messina - Tel.0902936063

Our company

The Odonto Magic of Marcello La Fauci born 4 May 1990 in the city of Barcelona in the province of Messina; in February 1996 it moved to its present location in the city of Messina.
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